SZG Health Chair takes metal as the framework, and combines highly elastic natural rubber band perfectly. It is environmental-friendly and low-carbon, also simple and fashionable. The product dissipates heat. It is porous and fit for sedentary people. The material can be recycled and utilized, so that it can reduce the development of resources while bringing a better protecting ecological environment.

1. Natural rubber - mainly produced in Thailand, Malaysia and China among other Southeastern Asian countries. The natural rubber is refined from rubber trees. So there is no need to cut down trees to manufacture furniture. The refined natural rubber is taken as the raw material. So there is no burden on the environment, manufacturing and refining rubber in a environmental-friendly way and reducing the discharge of carbon.
2. Metal and steel structure - metal can be reused, recycled and utilized again. Rubber can be naturally decomposed and weathered without polluting the environment and soil. There can be decomposition without burning. There is no emission of carbon.

In the process of production, there is no harmful substance, chemical process, industrial waste and waste water emission. There will be no damage to the environment, either. Ecological resources can be protected without using wood. The raw material is nontoxic and harmless.

Natural rubber is alkaline material. It has high density, softness and elasticity. Being high alkalinity will not breed bacteria. It is porous, cooling and won’t breed acne, bedsore, and hemorrhoids among other skin diseases. Being high elasticity has acting force and reaction, producing passive massage, even the blood circulation of sedentary people can be promoted. It feels comfortable when you sit down or lie down, and will make you happy spiritually, mentally and physically healthy.

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